Downloadable versions

Welcome to Craig's website.
If you are seeing this text version of the website you may have Flash turned off or not available. This page contains performances by voice actor Craig Sechler. Click on a link to download or stream a demo:
Mexican Bull - with a problem!
Spot the Beatle -
New York - Construction Worker
Sponge Bob Sq Pants - Slim Pickins Lives!
Spin the Dango - Nickelodeon Wizard
Back to the Barnyard - Wacky WB Cartoon Voice
April in Paris - Terrible French Cabaret Singer
German Shrink - Hypnotizing
Italian Maitre'di -
Hillbilly - with best friend.
Mold Menace - Microscopic Meanies
Monsters vs Monsters - World's Fastest Talking Promo Guy
Dragon of Death - Fairy Tale Teller
Old English Explorer -
Bill Hogan - Cowboy Poetry
Mortua - Over the Top Movie Trailer Guy
New Dead Batteries - Queen Elizabeth Joins a Punk Band
If you are unable to see and hear these performances on-line or via download, please contact Craig for a CD copy.
Thanks for watching!