Downloadable versions

Welcome to Craig's website.
If you are seeing this text version of the website you may have Flash turned off or not available. This page contains performances by voice actor Craig Sechler. Click on a link to download or stream a demo:
VEEP - Meet the VEEP
The Wire - State Police Colonel
CEO - Industrial Espionage
Betrayed - Betrayed
The Ad Hole - Ad Agency Mockumentary
Yeti -
Legacy TV Series - 1886 Land Lord
Mr Smith - Goes to the Information Age
Badger Hollow - A-hole Bro-in-Law
Ruby Highland -
All My Children - Detective
Adventures In Public Speaking - Craig shows us what not to do.
Good Cop... Bad Cop - The Mob (with profanity)
The Acting Coach - Omnisexual Predator Improv
The Interloper - Mad Mountain Dad
Spousal Harrassment - In The Workplace
If you are unable to see and hear these performances on-line or via download, please contact Craig for a CD copy.
Thanks for watching!