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If you are seeing this text version of the website you may have Flash turned off or not available. This page contains performances by voice actor Craig Sechler. Click on a link to download or stream a demo:
Spinosaurus - Bigger than T-Rex
Surviving Ebola -
Alien Earths -
Rise Of The Drones -
Brutal Killers -
Metorite Men -
Treeman -
Lions & Hippos -
Sizing Up Sperm -
Building Pharaoh's Ship -
Rock Photographer -
Islam and the West -
Abominable Snowman -
Squid Vs Whale -
Chesapeake - The Land of Pleasant Living
Mammals vs Dinos - The Age of Gigantism
Sharkman - Greatest Shark Footage Ever
The Incredible... - Human Machine
Backyard to Battlefield - Wow! Cool!
Child Warriors - Contains Disturbing Content, Discretion Advised
The Yellow Courtyard - New Age Medicine
Munich - The Real Assassins
Animals Behaving Badly - Light, Comical
Cpt John Smith - Local Historical Fun
Icy Killers - Sharks vs Salmon
If you are unable to see and hear these performances on-line or via download, please contact Craig for a CD copy.
Thanks for watching!