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Voice Over - Documentary Narration
TitleDescriptionDownload Link
SpinosaurusBigger than T-RexDownload
Surviving EbolaDownload
Alien EarthsDownload
Rise Of The DronesDownload
Brutal KillersDownload
Metorite MenDownload
Sizing Up SpermDownload
Building Pharaoh's ShipDownload
Rock PhotographerDownload
Islam and the WestDownload
Abominable SnowmanDownload
Squid Vs WhaleDownload
ChesapeakeThe Land of Pleasant LivingDownload
Mammals vs DinosThe Age of GigantismDownload
SharkmanGreatest Shark Footage EverDownload
The Incredible...Human MachineDownload
Backyard to BattlefieldWow! Cool!Download
Child WarriorsContains Disturbing Content, Discretion AdvisedDownload
The Yellow CourtyardNew Age MedicineDownload
MunichThe Real AssassinsDownload
Animals Behaving BadlyLight, ComicalDownload
Cpt John SmithLocal Historical FunDownload
Icy KillersSharks vs SalmonDownload
Voice Over - Spots & Promos
TitleDescriptionDownload Link
Costa cost yaDownload
Drowning in TaxesDownload
Ode to JoyDownload
PBS ... The Wardirected by Ken BurnsDownload
UFO's over DC...the summer of '52, kinda funny.Download
Reporting the WarWETA PromoDownload
Taylor-Made Golf ClubsFactual / StraightDownload
Radio ShackFun TagDownload
America's RailroadsHip / AttitudeDownload
Washington PostEnergeticDownload
Army VisionNo-NonsenseDownload
DiamondQuiet / IntimateDownload
MichelinFactual / StraightDownload
Voice Over - PSA & Political
TitleDescriptionDownload Link
The GrinchDownload
Headline Pile OnDownload
Costa cost yaDownload
Drowning in TaxesDownload
Tobacco Free KidsConcernedDownload
Red CrossA Tug at the HeartstringsDownload
MemorialsWETA Mini DocDownload
Selective Service"Fuggeddaboudit" - humorousDownload
John KerryDownload
Tough On CrimeDownload
Issue AdDownload
Attack AdHorror ParodyDownload
Singing the PraisesDownload
Environmental IssueDownload
Global Warming EndDownload
Voice Over - Characters
TitleDescriptionDownload Link
Mexican Bullwith a problem!Download
Spot the BeatleDownload
New YorkConstruction WorkerDownload
Sponge Bob Sq PantsSlim Pickins Lives!Download
Spin the DangoNickelodeon WizardDownload
Back to the BarnyardWacky WB Cartoon VoiceDownload
April in ParisTerrible French Cabaret SingerDownload
German ShrinkHypnotizingDownload
Italian Maitre'diDownload
Hillbillywith best friend.Download
Mold MenaceMicroscopic MeaniesDownload
Monsters vs MonstersWorld's Fastest Talking Promo GuyDownload
Dragon of DeathFairy Tale TellerDownload
Old English ExplorerDownload
Bill HoganCowboy PoetryDownload
MortuaOver the Top Movie Trailer GuyDownload
New Dead BatteriesQueen Elizabeth Joins a Punk BandDownload
Voice Over - Video-Games
TitleDescriptionDownload Link
Valen Dreth...from OblivionDownload
Elven Responses...from OblivionDownload
Clavicus Vile's Hound...from OblivionDownload
Adoring Fan...from OblivionDownload
Faelian...from OblivionDownload
Falcar...from OblivionDownload
Ocato...from OblivionDownload
Eldamil...from OblivionDownload
Aldo...from OblivionDownload
Butch DeLoria...from Fallout 3Download
Harkness...from Fallout 3Download
Hero Detective...from Call of CthulhuDownload
Madman - In Chains...from Call of CthulhuDownload
Evil Mutant...from Call of CthulhuDownload
Voice Over - Industrial
TitleDescriptionDownload Link
AW2U.S Army Wonded WarriorsDownload
ULI AwardsUMUC Achievers 2009Download
UMUCUMUC Achievers 2009Download
The Yellow CourtyardNew Age MedicineDownload
Jewish Social Service AgencyDownload
Hire A VetDownload
On Camera - Dramatic
TitleDescriptionDownload Link
VEEPMeet the VEEPDownload
The WireState Police ColonelDownload
CEOIndustrial EspionageDownload
The Ad HoleAd Agency MockumentaryDownload
Legacy TV Series1886 Land LordDownload
Mr SmithGoes to the Information AgeDownload
Badger HollowA-hole Bro-in-LawDownload
Ruby HighlandDownload
All My ChildrenDetectiveDownload
Adventures In Public SpeakingCraig shows us what not to do.Download
Good Cop... Bad CopThe Mob (with profanity)Download
The Acting CoachOmnisexual Predator ImprovDownload
The InterloperMad Mountain DadDownload
Spousal HarrassmentIn The WorkplaceDownload
On Camera - Industrial
TitleDescriptionDownload Link
Heart FailureSincere, concernedDownload
COPDNice, concerned friend.Download
IAARPAFoundaton For Cognitive Biases Awareness FoundationDownload
The WhistleblowerAssociation of Corporate CouncilDownload
News AnchorCNN type interviewDownload
OSHA InspectorHard AssDownload
Safety LottoComedic, then serious.Download
Loose LipsSpy TalkDownload
Golf StoryBuddy talkDownload
Northrop GrummanWar CorrespondentDownload
NextelConfident Business ManDownload
On Camera - Spots & PSAs
TitleDescriptionDownload Link
CookiesShyster LawyerDownload
Donut-eating DadDownload
Jail TimeBoss gets threatenedDownload
Cowboy Joe'nuff saidDownload
ChiropractorMale admits mistakeDownload
New York LotteryCrazy Eddy styleDownload
LilyLive InsuranceDownload
On Camera - Military\/Security
TitleDescriptionDownload Link
Article 99JAG WarningDownload
The WireState Police ColonelDownload
Job Site SecurityNo NonsenseDownload
Didn't Make ItForeign Service VideoDownload
Loose LipsSpy TalkDownload